Self managed super is now the largest section of the superannuation industry, even so they are not appropriate for everyone.

SMSFs are governed by numerous Acts of legislation and can be confusing and complicated. However, for the right people they can be an extremely useful retirement tool.

Whether you have an existing SMSF that you feel you are not utilising to is full potential or you are thinking about setting up a self managed super fund, the team at Merideon can provide you with specialist advice to make sure you are staying compliant, making the most of your fund and continuing to achieve the goals you have for your fund.

Some of the areas where we can help you on your SMSF journey include:

SMSF setup and structure
Once we have ascertained that a SMSF is the right vehicle to achieve you retirement goals, we can advise you on the correct structure and help you establish a SMSF that will suit your needs today and will continue to be suitable to your needs in the future.

SMSF Investments
every SMSF requires an Investment Strategy and must stick to the strategy to ensure it remains compliant. Rather than implement a nonsense strategy that meets the compliance requirements only, Merideon will help you develop and implement a well researched strategy that meets the needs of the fund and it’s members and helps limit the risks to the fund over the long term. We will then help you review, adapt and manage the strategy or we can work with your current investment advisers to achieve this.

SMSF Compliance and Administration
running a SMSF can become a second job for trustees – with compliance requirements, investment administration, dividend statements and corporate actions being just a few duties. Merideon has a range of administration and compliance services available to take the hassle out of running your fund so you can concentrate on the more important issues.

SMSF Wills
today much of people’s wealth is held within their superannuation and therefore will become a major part of their estate planning. Unfortunately, many people fail to realise that superannuation is not governed by their Will and do not take appropriate steps to ensure this large portion of their wealth is distributed correctly. An SMSF is one of the best estate planning tools if used effectively. Merideon can help you develop and implement a suitable SMSF Will that works in conjunction with your other estate plans to help ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

SMSF Borrowing
since the changes to the Superannuation law in 2007, SMSF borrowing has become a hot topic. Merideon can help you through this complex maze to determine if SMSF borrowing is suitable, how to structure correctly, help you implement and manage the process. We have helped people borrow in their SMSF to buy investment properties and helped business owners free up cashflow for the business by selling their commercial property to their SMSF. Whatever your goals our expertise can help.

SMSF Insurance
holding insurance in a SMSF for the benefit of its members is a great way to ensure members are protected if they are unable to reach their retirement safely. A SMSF has many options from owning Life, Disability and Income Protection insurance policies for its members to setting up Insurance Reserves to self insure members who may not be able to get insurance through the normal providers. Our advisers can develop a suitable protection plan for your members.

If you would like more information on SMSFs or would like to discuss how we can help you achieve your financial goals simply call 08 9583 5299 or complete our enquiry form.