You have worked hard all your life and now is the time to stop worrying and start enjoying your money. With retirement finance, it’s never too late to get great advice to make sure you are taking advantage of all opportunities to reduce your risk, maximise your income and take the stress out of your finances so you can concentrate on what’s more important.


Here’s how we can help you:

Most people feel that they need to invest without risk once they retire to protect their life savings. However this is usually as bad as having your money invested too aggressively in retirement. Getting the right balance between long term growth, regular income and safety is very important to a comfortable retirement. We specialise in building an overall investment strategy that balances risk with the outcomes you need in retirement.

Getting access to the right amount of Age Pension and other entitlements can make a huge difference to a comfortable retirement. Our Centrelink specialists not only understand the rules, they have the right contacts to make dealing with Centrelink less painful and maximise the amounts you are entitled to. We can help you manage your ongoing Centrelink requirements so you can enjoy your retirement without the hassle.

We have seen too many times how 1 bad financial decision can wipe out a lifetime of savings and good decisions. Having a financial planner can help reduce the emotion of decisions and ensure that a stricter decision process is taken before risking your hard earned money. It is easier to reduce the risk of making a bad decision than having to pick the one best decision to make you wealthy.

Now that your salary has stopped it is essential to have a sound investment strategy that considers what level of risk is appropriate, the tax effectiveness of your investments, liquidity required and the level of income versus growth from your assets. Our 4 bucket approach simplifies your investment strategy and allows you to have different pools of funds providing different outcomes and increases the probability of you meeting your long term retirement income needs.

Your home is one of your largest assets but it usually doesn’t provide income for you to live off in retirement. It is important to consider how you will use the equity you have built up to make sure you have a comfortable retirement. We can discuss options such as downsizing your home, reverse mortgages, retirement villages and generating income from your home to work out which option is best for your situation and goals.

It is something most people put off thinking about, but considering your aged care options when you plan your retirement is a good idea. If you—or your family—are forced to decide about aged care suddenly, the added emotional stress and limited timeframe can make finding an agreeable solution seem impossible. By planning early you can consider alternative options, seek appropriate advice and put plans in place - then you can move on to enjoying your retirement.

You have worked hard all your life to build your family’s assets, so why should they lose more than required through taxes or estate disputes? A well designed Estate Plan will ensure your affairs are looked after with the least stress on your family in an already tough time. Merideon can discuss how to structure your affairs to minimise disputes and stress whilst maximising how much your family receives.

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Retirees Bill & Teresa

We had signed up with an advisor from our bank and as we were very green and new to all of this, we did not get the service we asked for and lost money in this process. Ann at Merideon then advised us that our super was in a very low return rate. She put us on the right track to achieve a better result for our retirement and helped us get some control with our Super. We understand it much better now and would recommend this service to everyone.

Bill & Teresa Smith


It was so pleasing and satisfying that we could be assured of a comfortable retirement.

Merideon have provided us with a means to live our lifestyle from their advice and their service has more than exceeded our expectations.

Ken & Fran Purnell

T&M Bunney - retirement planning estate planning investments

Mark Rattigan and his team at Meridion are very professional, they explain everything until fully understood; are happy to answer questions at any time and make themselves available when needed.

Mark Rattigan is someone I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to family and friends.

T & M Bunney – South Yunderup