Merideon Wealth Strategies provides tailored, complete financial solutions to a wide range of clients. As a fee for service firm, we can provide a service package to suit your needs and budget, whoever you are.

Due to our commitment of building a team of professional advisers to work on achieving our client’s goals, the majority of our clients have been introduced to us by local professional service providers who trust us to collaborate with them on their clients.

We also receive many referrals from our existing clients who feel that the high level of advice we have provided them and the relationship we have forged will benefit their friends and family members.

Although we work with a diverse range of clients to help them improve their prosperity, we have found that to achieve the highest level of results it is important if both parties have a clear understanding of each others expectations. With this in mind, we have established a number of key criteria for working together.

  • You have a strong desire to acheive greater prosperity and understand that this requires a long term commitment to ongoing review and implementation of your Merideon plan.
  • You are committed to implement the decisions you make based on the advice provided by Merideon Wealth Strategies.
  • You are committed to develop your knowledge and understanding of wealth concepts.
  • You will involve your adviser in major financial decisions and keep them up to date with important changes to your situation.
  • We are committed to developing a deep understanding of your goals and current situation to help provide you with accurate advice.
  • We are committed to creating close working relationships with your other professional advisers to ensure you are receiving complete advice in all areas.
  • We will provide you with opportunities to learn and develop your understanding of financial concepts and will endeavour to talk to you in language that you understand.

We feel that these commitments will lead to a successful, long term relationship in which we can help you achieve the greatest level of prosperity for you and your family.