Our Mission: Enriching Tomorrow.

At Merideon our vision is to Enrich the future of our clients, our team, our business partners, their families and our broader community.

According to Google dictionary Enrich has multiple meanings:

1. Make wealthy or wealthier.
2. Improve or enhance the quality or value of

Although our expertise is providing financial advice, we do so with a focus on the second definition “to improve or enhance the quality or value of tomorrow”.

We realise that simply increasing our client’s financial position is not enough. By understanding what is truly important to people we are able to help them achieve greater value for themselves and their family.

For us Enriching Tomorrow includes :

  • Understanding people and helping them understand themselves.
  • Inspiring people to achieve what is truly important to them.
  • Teaching and sharing sound principals to build a better future.
  • Helping improve and protect people’s financial position to enable them to fund their desired lifestyle.

Every day we will strive to Enrich someone’s future – whether it is helping ease the burden on a family suffering a tragedy, removing stress so someone can focus on what’s important, educating or empowering a person so they can take control of their future, helping someone truly understand what they want to achieve in life as well as developing the wealth to achieve it.

By enriching the lives of those we meet, we hope to empower them to enrich the lives of others. We realize Merideon won’t create world peace or develop a cure for cancer, but we may help someone who can, or a parent to better educate a child that does or provide funding to an organisation that does.

Our Vision : Best Regional Advice firm in WA enriching 1000 families.

We are driven to deliver high quality financial advice and financial coaching to regional WA to enrich the lives of 1000 families who would normally not be able to access local, quality financial advisers.

Through innovation, a great team culture and outstanding customer service we have been moving towards this vision for over a decade.

Our team are passionate about helping our clients not only make better financial decisions but ones that enrich their lives, not just their bank accounts.


Our Values

Our aim is to become the trusted long-term financial advisers for our client’s and their family.

To achieve this we strive for the following core values in our team and clients:

  • It’s Personal: We are passionate about understanding what is truly important to people and helping them build a more enriching life.
  • We are Family: We are not all perfect but we work together with trust and respect each other’s strengths and support each other. We’ve got your back.
  • Celebrate Life: We believe it’s the journey and not the destination and want to enjoy the process. We recognise the little successes and moments in life that are truly rewarding. Our goal is to increase personal satisfaction and smiles.
  • Take the Lead: We have a clear focus on where we and our clients are headed and are prepared to do what it takes to get there. We don’t wait for an invitation, we identify the next step and empower people to take it. If we make a mistake, we own it and learn from it.
  • Simplify: Our focus is to make life easier so you can do more of what’s important. We constantly strive to simplify clients finances, our process and reduce complexity. We believe simplicity = more enjoyment and reduced costs.
  • Evolve: We believe every organism must adapt to avoid dying off. We are passionate about our business, our team and our clients continuously evolving and improving. We are constantly learning, challenging ourselves and thinking differently to become just 1% better. We believe in compounding success!
  • The Extra Mile: We believe in going one more step to get a better result for our clients. Whether it’s one more question to have a better understanding, questioning a decision to chase a better outcome, calling in a favour or connecting you with people who can help solve other needs for you.

Our Philosophy

Wealth creation is a very complicated topic and there are thousands of strategies and opportunities promoted every day. To cut through the complexity Merideon has developed a simple philosophy that should be at the centre of your Wealth creation plans.

To provide you and your family with 100% of your income
at all 3 stages of your life.


By firstly implementing adequate long term Personal Protection strategies, we ensure that if you are unable to work due to accident or illness, the financial impact on you and your family is limited and your previous hard work is not lost.

Secondly we seek to free up cash by reducing personal debt and utilising effective tax strategies.

With this discretionery income, we implement sound, long term strategies to ensure adequate retirement funds and then improve today’s lifestyle by developing passive income.

Our second philosophy is in relation to spending less than you earn. Without this philosophy it doesn’t matter whether someone earns $30,000 per year or $300,000 they will never create wealth.

To be more precise we have developed the following target allocation of income :


Savings Protection Living Wealth
Short term goals, debt reduction, holidays Income replacement, personal insurance, emergency funds Loan payments, bills, shopping, entertainment Investment, superannuation contributions