You’ve now cleared most major financial hurdles and you’re in the home stretch. You’re within ten years of retirement so you want to make sure you hit the finish line in good stride. At Merideon we believe it is important to balance enjoying the last few years of work whilst setting up a great retirement – family, travel, interests and all. We will develop plans for the ideal and the unexpected to help you have a more enriching future.


Here’s how we can help you:

Retirement can be a very daunting decision. “How much do I need to retire?” “When can I afford to stop work?” “What if I run out of money?” “Will I get the Age Pension?” “What will I do all day?” “Should I work part time?” These are just some of the questions running through your head. Merideon can help you work out your income needs, show you how long your money will last, help you work out the best time to stop working and talk you through your other concerns to give you confidence and a definite plan leading to your retirement day.

With only a few years left to save, it is important to manage the amount of risk your investments are exposed to. It is now prudent to develop a sound investment strategy that considers what level of risk is appropriate, the tax effectiveness of investments, liquidity and the level of income versus growth in returns. Your needs are changing, so your strategy needs to match.

You are now in the prime time to take advantage of tax effective strategies to maximise your retirement assets. Salary Sacrifice, transition to retirement pensions, recontribution, bring forward rules, small business CGT exemptions and non-concessional contributions of personal assets are some of the ways you could be increasing the tax savings you receive on your investments.

Pretty soon you will no longer have a pay cheque coming in and will need to live off your savings. To avoid your money running out it is important to have a disciplined approach to managing your money. We have developed a market leading money management system to help you take control of your spending, understand where your money is going and how much you will be spending in retirement. Together we can make sure you don’t blow your life savings.

It is important to move into retirement without a mortgage on your home. How do you know if it is best to focus your efforts on paying off your debt in the last few years of work, or use your surplus income to build your retirement investments? We can show you which strategy is best for you and discuss options such as downsizing and reverse mortgages to make sure you have a comfortable retirement.

We have seen too many times how 1 bad financial decision can wipe out a lifetime of savings and good decisions. Having a financial planner can help reduce the emotion of decisions and ensure that a stricter decision process is taken before risking your hard earned money. You don’t have as much time to recover from mistakes so it is more important than ever to make good decisions.

Health issues are one of the most common risks to your lifestyle in retirement. Whether it is expensive medical costs, lost income or ongoing care costs any medical issue can be a large drain on your nest egg. Merideon can help you be better prepared with emergency savings and suitable insurance covers to give you a better financial outcome so you can focus on getting well.

You have worked hard all your life to build your family’s assets, so why should they lose more than required through taxes or estate disputes? A well designed Estate Plan will ensure your affairs are looked after with the least stress on your family in an already tough time. Merideon can discuss how to structure your affairs to minimise disputes and stress whilst maximising how much your family receives.

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T&M Bunney - retirement planning estate planning investments

Mark Rattigan and his team at Meridion are very professional, they explain everything until fully understood; are happy to answer questions at any time and make themselves available when needed.

Mark Rattigan is someone I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to family and friends.

T & M Bunney – South Yunderup


Mark listens to what you have to say, thinks about what you have said/asked and gives rational, considered advice. He does not dismiss any concerns or queries. We are very happy with the advice he has given us recently on the purchase of property into our SMSF, saving us many tens of thousands of dollars with his knowledge of the process which needed to be undertaken.

G & K Noske – Halls Head Dental Group

self managed super advice

"Merideon has helped us make sense of our financial situation both personally and in our business. They have identified ways to improve our situation and allowed us to focus on what's important in achieving our goals. It is great to have someone we trust to talk to when we are making important financial decisions."

N & K Williams – Riverside Safety P/L