When life gets into full swing with family, career, expenses – and the juggling acts that follow, it’s important to look at how prepared you are. Protecting your lifestyle means reviewing insurance and selecting the right investments. Speak to a Financial Planner from Merideon Wealth Strategies to gain insight into your unique situation and found out how we can provide you with peace of mind today and help build greater prosperity for your family.


Here’s how we can help you:

“Where does all my money go?” Young families are usually in the hardest financial phase of life, usually one income, childcare and school fees, mortgage payments and expensive bills. We will help you take control of your finances, understand where your money is going, help you set realistic budgets and develop good habits. By avoiding bad financial decisions in this phase you can set your family up more securely.

Getting out of debt is one of the most amazing feelings you will ever experience. It frees up so much money to help you build a better life for your family. If you want to get out of debt quicker our advisers can show you the best debt structure, help you budget to pay it off quicker and teach you the tricks the banks use against us to help you break out of the debt trap.

Having written goals and a step by step plan to achieving them is a proven way to achieve greater results. Having someone keeping you accountable to the plan makes it almost impossible to fail. If you want to achieve your goals sooner, meet with a Merideon adviser today.

We have seen too many times how 1 bad financial decision can wipe out a lifetime of savings and good decisions. Having a financial planner can help reduce the emotion of decisions and ensure that a stricter decision process is taken before risking your hard earned money. It is easier to reduce the risk of making a bad decision than having to pick the one best decision to make you wealthy.

Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world according to Warren Buffet (the world’s best investor). Now that you have a bit saved or equity built up, sticking to a sound investment strategy is very important. We will teach you about investing, work out the best structure to invest tax effectively, help you reduce your risk, discuss negative and positive gearing and make sure you don’t fall for the common investment mistakes.

Helping children get a great start is one of the highest priorities of most parents. Whether you want to save to pay for education expenses or start investing to buy their first car or have a deposit for their home, Merideon can ensure you are putting enough away and investing correctly to meet your goals.

Despite what many people say your home is not your biggest asset, your ability to earn an income is. Over a lifetime an average 25 year old Australian will earn approximately $2.3 million*. What would happen if sickness or injury stopped you being able to work? How would your family cope and afford to cover the mortgage if you died or could never work again? How would you cover medical costs whilst the bills continue to come in? Merideon advisors can work with you to build a tax effective insurance strategy to fit your needs and budget.

Source: NATSEM calculation from 2009–10 Survey of Income and Housing Basic Confidentialised Unit Record File.

Having more than one superannuation fund could be costing you money. Duplicated fees and insurances could be eating away at your retirement savings. However if you are looking at consolidating, how do you know which super funds to keep and which to close? Then once you have the right account should you be making more contributions or paying off your mortgage? How should your super be invested. We can help cut through the confusion and make sure your super is working hard for your retirement.

It is always great to get a second opinion on your financial decisions and have someone who can keep you on track when things get tough (or tempting). We can project your financial future and then track how you are tracking to achieve your goals. Knowing the next small step to achieving long term goals makes them much easier to keep taking.

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Relax your financial future is in good hands

The best financial decision we have made was to go and see Mark and the team at Merideon Wealth. Marks’ has always made time to listen to our objectives and his knowledge and advice has given us confidence about our financial future. We learn something new each time. We like the way Mark gets us thinking and asking him and ourselves lots questions.
We would highly recommend the team to you.

E & L Langestraat

income protection superannuation

Mark and the team really know their stuff. Financially I feel I'm in quite a strong position now.

A and J Whitall

I've been a customer of Merideon for over five years since I was a single guy living at home with my Mum. I have now bought a home with my partner, and just had our first baby and I am nearly ready to stop working FIFO due to the investments I have made. From our first meeting I felt comfortable trusting them with any financial advice. Thanks to the team for providing a great service. Would 100 % recommend them to any family and friends.

Steve Wardrope