One of Merideon’s company values is Continuous Improvement for ourselves and our clients. Last year we came across this great concept and our team embraced it and achieved some great results.

Now we want to share it with you…

It’s the “say NO”-vember challenge!

So, you know that small changes practised often can make the biggest of differences in the long run right?

Well, my friends – we have a challenge for you… the challenge is to make one very small change in the shape of saying NO.

The NO can be to absolutely anything and the rules are simple…

  1. it has to be something you usually say yes to that is actually not that good for you
  2. it needs to happen on a regular basis (at least 3 times a week)
  3. AND you have to commit to it for the entire month of November

To show you’re not alone in this, here are some of the NO’s others have committed to…

  • NO to chocolate biscuits on the couch each evening with my cup of tea
  • NO to staying at the office past 5pm
  • NO to eating lunch at the desk
  • NO to alcohol 3 days a week
  • NO to skipping the gym
  • NO to taking the lift instead of the stairs
  • NO to sugar
  • NO to sleeping in past 5.30am during the week

If you would like to join in, post your “No” below or join us on facebook for the challenge.

Let’s say YES to NO-vember and help each other become that little bit more awesome!

Merideon will make a donation for each person who joins the NOvember Challenge.

We encourage participants to make a gold coin donation for each day they miss their NO! Or hit their goal if you are more generous!

Our NOs will be helping enrich the lives of seriously ill kids through the Starlight Foundation.

Learn more at

We will provide a donation link shortly.

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