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In today’s society, debt is almost a necessity. Unfortunately, for many the lure of easy credit can get them into a stressful and hard financial situation where they are trapped. At Merideon, our team can help you secure a great loan to buy a home or car, but our passion is helping you OWN them!

Our mission is to help you be smarter with debt, pay it off quicker and ensure you don’t spend your life working to pay interest to the banks!

Being part of the Merideon Wealth group, a Merideon Mortgage Adviser can offer so much more than an average Mortgage Broker, to help you enrich tomorrow.


Here’s 12 reasons why you’re better off

with a Merideon Mortgage Adviser:

It's easy to find a cheap loan. But we go the extra mile to get the best loan for you and ensure it is structured correctly to meet your current needs, your future goals and enable you to pay it off sooner. We ask you the right questions to get you thinking about the future so your loan will meet your changing needs. It takes time and money to change loans, so taking a bit more time today to get it right will benefit you in the future.

Setting up a new loan or changing banks can be confusing. Therefore Merideon introduced a Settlement meeting to allow your Mortgage Adviser to show you around your new loan and ensure a smooth transition. We provide a checklist to work through so nothing is missed and then help you setup internet banking, explain your loan structure and go through the Debt Accelerator steps to help you pay off your loan sooner.

Every day we strive to improve our process to make it easier and quicker for you to sort our your loans. We look for the latest innovations to add to our business to make your life easier. You are busy and on the go, so we want to fit around that. Whether its virtual meetings rather than boring meetings, digital signatures rather than piles of paperwork or online portals and apps to help you on the go, Merideon is focussed on it.

Hate waiting around not knowing what's going on? We do too! That's why we love our Client Portal. You can login anytime and see where things are up to in between calls from your Mortgage Adviser. You can also access outstanding items that you need to action, all in one neat pile, available at the touch of a button!

Knowledge is power, especially when buying a home. Your Merideon Mortgage Adviser has access to comprehensive RP Data reports that can tell you all about the homes you are looking to purchase. With info on what has sold in the area, time on market and purchase prices you are sure to be able to negotiate a better deal.

Don't you hate it when you buy something new and get heaps of help in the beginning but just after the sales done nobody wants to know you? So do we! That is why Merideon has Mortgage Advisers not Mortgage Brokers. With debt being such a major part of peoples lives, we don't want to leave it to chance or leave you to deal with Bank "Helplines" that are anything but. We are here on the journey with you to own a home, not a mortgage. So if you have a question or a need, don't be stuck dealing with a faceless call centre person speak to a Merideonite and we will help you out!

Even though we take the time to understand your current and future needs to get you a great loan in the first place, sometimes things change. Banks compete by dropping rates, or your bank ups their rates more than they should or your needs change. For this reason, the Merideon Home Loans team offer a complimentary home loan review each year. We can compare the market for a better rate, we can make adjustments to your structure if needed or we can have a good ol' talkin' to your bank and tell them to sharpen their pencil on your rate.

Most Mortgage Brokers just want to get you a loan, but Merideon are so passionate about helping you pay off your debt sooner that we have developed the Debt Accelerator plan. It is an amalgamation of every single tip and idea our experts can think of to help you pay off your debt quicker. Your Mortgage Adviser will go through the plan with you at your Settlement meeting and we will constantly provide updates if we or our clients think of any more.

We all know the banks make their huge profits from keeping society in debt. Therefore they have trained us to ask "How much can I borrow?", not "How much SHOULD I borrow?". At Merideon we exist to help people Enrich Tomorrow. This means we want you to have a life that makes you happy and allows you to do the things you want to do. We know its nice to have expensive houses and cars, but if it means giving up your lifestyle for 5 or 30 years is it worth it? Unlike traditional Mortgage Brokers, we will help you understand what you have to give up to afford the loan you are looking for. We will help you prioritise whether the maximum loan is going to make you happier, or whether you are better off settling for something more reasonable and enjoying the next 30 years!

One of Merideon's values is Continuous Improvement, in ourselves and our clients. This led us to launch our Financial Knowledge Centre which gives our clients access to an enormous library of videos, articles and training courses relating to all areas of finance. We will keep your financial education going with regular updates and training opportunities so you become the smartest money person you know.

Let's face it, we could all be a bit (lot?) better with our money. The Merideon team know that and have developed the Money Master program, an ongoing coaching service to help you become much, MUCH better with your money. Through education, budgeting, tracking and ongoing coaching we have been helping people smash their goals and become masters of their own financial futures rather than slaves to debt. As a Merideon Home Loans client, you have the ability to join the Money Master program and get professional coaching to get out of debt and start smashing your financial goals.

The Merideon group is a diverse team of professional Advisers who can help in most areas of your financial life. A Merideon Home Loans client has access to over 60 years of financial knowledge in areas such as Financial Planning, retirement, investment, budgeting, SMSF, business and insurance. And if one of our team doesn't have the answer we are well connected to those who do. Whether you need full advice on a matter or just have a quick question, your Mortgage Adviser can introduce you to someone who can help.

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We have also refinanced our home loan with the help of Danielle. Her professionalism and dedication to helping us with this process was fantastic. We had issues along the way, but Danielle kept us informed and on top of the whole process.

Would highly recommend Merideon the team to you.

E & L Langestraat

Thanks so much to Danielle for all her help, patience and professionalism while helping with our mortgage.

Tim & Amanda Sabel

While she has always been a pleasure to deal with, it is Danielle’s open, honest and direct approach which has ensured she has garnered my respect and trust. Whether the news be good or bad or she needs more time to resolve or assist, Danielle lets you know where you stand.

Paul Liccione

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