Many people incorrectly believe Financial Advice is just for retirees or “rich” people.

Unfortunately, it is not until too late that most people realise how much value there is in seeking financial advice earlier in your career. The most common comments we hear from clients are “I wish I had seen you ten years earlier” or “I wish my kids would come and see you, so they learn this much earlier than I did”.

Imagine if you had learned better money habits five years ago: set a deliberate budget that included the things that were important to you, started reducing debt, investing, building up some emergency savings and making sure you were being tax-effective and making smarter decisions. How much happier would you be with yourself today?

Like getting a Personal Trainer for your health, Shaun explains that getting the right Financial Adviser can have a significant impact on your finances.

Hear how Shaun and his wife came to get advice, a little about the process and the impact it has had on them.

And then don’t wait for life to force you to get advice, take control and call Merideon today to see if we can help you.