To celebrate the launch of Merideon Home Loans, we are doing our best Oprah impersonation and going crazy giving everyone a surprise. 

There are 3 ways to get in on the GREAT CASH GIVEAWAY :

1. Review your mortgage with Merideon Homeloans and if we can help you refinance to more appropriate loan, we will pay $100 off your mortgage!

2. Refer someone to Merideon Homeloans and if they refinance with us, we will pay $100 off your mortgage and $100 off theirs. They will love you for it and you pay your home off sooner!!

3. Be the first Merideon client to refinance their home loan with us, review us on Google or Facebook and refer 5 friends who refinance, and we will pay an additional $1,000 off your loan. That’s a total of $1,600 off your mortgage and $500 off your friends’!

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Terms and conditions :

  1. Offer valid on all review requests and referrals received by 30/4/18 (even if they settle after this date).  
  2. $100 Review Reward payable on satisfactory settlement of a new loan starting from a Loan review.
  3. $100 Referral Reward payable on satisfactory settlement of a new loan for someone you referred via the Refer Someone link or via email
  4. There is 1 only $1,000 reward which will be paid to the first Merideon client who meets all of the following criteria :
    • They have received a $100 Review Reward for their own home loan
    • They have qualified for 5 x $100 Referral Rewards
    • They have completed an online review of Merideon Homeloans on Google or our Facebook page.
    • The winner will be notified via email once all conditions are met.
  5. It is important for you to speak to your accountant about disclosing these reward on your tax return.